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Mr Chips Fish and Chips in Crawley

"Fish and chips" – sometimes written "fish 'n' chips" – which originated in the United Kingdom, has been the traditional British takeaway food and still a classic choice for many a time. As you know it consists of deep fried fish (traditionally cod or haddock) in batter with deep fried chipped potatoes.

Popular tradition associates the dish with the United Kingdom and fish and chips remains very popular here and in areas colonised by the people from the UK in the 19th century, such as Australia, New Zealand, and parts of North America (New England and Pacific Northwest and Canada generally). Fish and chips also have considerable popularity in the Republic of Ireland and South Africa. The dish is even popular in China with the first shop opened in Beijing in 2004, and it has become very popular in providing a fresh change to Chinese cuisine.

Now that we are more health conscious we try to eat healthily, so let us tell you three facts:

Fish and chips fact 1 – fish and chips have less fat per 100g than pizza, burger (big Mac) with medium fries, dona kebab or chicken korma.

Fish and chips fact 2 – fish and chips have fewer calories in an average portion than pizza, burger (big Mac) with medium fries, dona kebab whooper meal or chicken korma.

Fish and chips fact 3 – fish and chips contains carbohydrate, vitamin C, protein, iron, calcium, zinc and dietary fibre.

So, what are we suggesting? Eat healthily! It may be ok to have the odd pizza or kebab but you should be aiming to eat more healthily. Fish and Chip shops have always provided a well balanced option and it is not junk food; it really is anything but that. The figures speak for themselves.

Fish and chips contain no added salt (unless you add it yourself!), they are high in protein and are full of natural ingredients, so make the dish part of your nutritious balanced diet.

Our freshly cut chips have, much, much, (and, yes) much less fat than the frozen 'fries' you may find at a McDonalds or kebab shop. In a large 'fries' at McDonalds there is around 11.5g of fat, yes 11.5 grams compared to around 0.1g you will find at the traditional fish and chip shop.

So, fish and chips is definitely a healthy meal, and it definitely tastes nice, so what's stopping you? Try it for yourself!

At Mr Chips on the Langley Green Parade in Crawley we offer the best of the traditional "fish and chips" which includes a variety of fish such as Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Pollack (may be named Collin by the time you are reading this) and Huss (also known as Rock). We also offer scampi, fish cake and cod roe plus sausages and saveloys. We've added a few extra options to the menu which includes Jacket Potatoes, Chilli con Carne, Rice and Barbequed Chicken, all of which are cooked fresh at Mr Chips.

We also specialise in bulk orders for any occasion whether you are getting together with a group of friends or colleagues, or perhaps stocktaking or having a private party, so if you are having a "DO" let us quote you. We are open seven days and can deliver to you.

For the full menu see this site, and for more information please call us on 01293 520790.